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Zak LJ, Patterson, J, Hancock, J, Hockley, D, Rogan, D, and Foxcroft, GR Benefits of synchronizing ovulation with porcine luteinizing hormone in a fixed-time insemination protocol in weaned multiparous sows Journal of Swine Health and Production
Novak S, Smith TA, Paradis F, Burwash L, Dyck MK, Foxcroft GR and Dixon WT Biomarkers of in vivo fertility in sperm and seminal plasma of fertile stallions Theriogenology


Patterson, JL, Cameron, AC, Smith, TA, Kummer, AB, Schott, RL, Greiner, LL, Connor, JF and Foxcroft, GR The effect of PG600 at weaning on weaned primiparous sow performance Journal of Swine Health and Production


Patterson, JL, Beltranena, E and Foxcroft, GR The effect of gilt age at first estrus and breeding on third estrus on sow body weight changes and long-term reproductive performance Journal of Animal Science


Paradis, F, Moore, H, Novak, S, Dyck, MK, Dixon, WT and Foxcroft, GR Porcine preovulatory GV oocytes secrete soluble factors that modulate cumulus cell protein expression and potentially affect their steroidogenic ability in vitro Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology


Novak, S, Ruiz-Sánchez, A, Dixon, WT, Foxcroft, GR and Dyck, MK Seminal plasma proteins as potential markers of relative fertility in boars Journal of Andrology


Foxcroft, GR, Dixon, WT, Dyck, M.K, Novak, S, Harding JCS and Almeida FCRL Prenatal programming of postnatal development in the pig Society of Reproduction and Fertility


Paradis, F, Novak, S, Murdoch, G, Dyck, MK, Dixon, WT and Foxcroft, GR Temporal regulation ofBMP2,BMP6,BMP15,GDF-9,BMPR1A,BMPR1B,BMPR2andTGFBR1mRNA expression in the oocyte, granulosa and theca cells of developing pre-ovulatory follicles in the pig Reproduction


Martins, KJB., Murdoch, GK, Shu, Y, Harris, RL, Gallo, M, Dixon, WT, Foxcroft, GR, Gordon T and Putman, CT Satellite cell ablation attenuates short-term fast-to-slow fibre type transformations in rat fast-twitch skeletal muscle European Journal of Physiology


Langendijk, P, Dieleman, SJ, van Dooremalen, C, Foxcroft, GR, Gerritsen, R, Hazeleger, W, Soede, NM and Kemp, B LH and FSH secretion, follicle development, and oestradiol in sows ovulating or failing to ovulate in an intermittent suckling regime Reproduction, Fertility and Development


Zak, LJ, Foxcroft,GR, Aherne, FX and Kirkwood, RN Role of luteinizing hormone in sow responses to split weaning Reproduction of Domestic Animals


DegensteinKL, O’Donoghue, R, Patterson, J, Beltranena, E, Ambrose, DJ, Foxcroft, GR and Dyck, MK Synchronization of ovulation in cyclic gilts with porcine luteinizing hormone (pLH) and its effects on reproductive function Theriogenology


Patterson, J, Wellen, A, Hahn, M, Pasternak, A, Lowe, J, DeHaas, S, Kraus, D, Williams, N and Foxcroft, G Responses to delayed estrus after weaning in sows using oral progestagen treatment Journal of Animal Science


Tse, W-Y, Town, SC, Murdoch, GK, Novak, S, Dyck, MK, Putman, CT, Foxcroft, GR and Dixon, WT Uterine crowding in the sow affects litter sex ratio, placental development and embryonic myogenin expression in early gestation Reproduction, Fertility and Development


Vinsky, MD, Paradis, F, Dixon, WT, Dyck, MK and Foxcroft, GR Ontogeny of metabolic effects on embryonic development in lactating and weaned primiparous sows Reproduction, Fertility and Development


Vinsky, MD, MurdochGK, Dixon,WT, Dyck,MK and Foxcroft, GR Altered epigenetic variance in surviving litters from nutritionally restricted lactating primiparous sows Reproduction, Fertility and Development


Price, MA, Yambayamba, ESK and Foxcroft, GR Does growth hormone have influence on compensatory growth in restricted re-fed growing beef heifers? Zambian Journal of Veterinary Science


Vinsky, MD, Novak, S, Dixon, WT Dyck, MK and Foxcroft, GR Nutritional restriction in lactating primiparous sows selectively affects female embryo survival and overall litter development Reproduction, Fertility and Development


Ruiz-Sánchez, AL,O’Donoghue, R, Novak, S, Dyck, MK, Cosgrove, JR, Dixon, WT, and Foxcroft, GR The predictive value of routine semen evaluation and IVF technology for determining relative boar fertility Theriogenology


Martins, KJB, Gordon, T, Pette, D, Dixon, WT, Foxcroft, GR, MacLean, IM and Putman CT Effect of satellite cell ablation on low-frequency stimulated fast-to-slow fibre-type transitions in rat skeletal muscle Journal of Physiology (London)


Foxcroft, GR, Dixon, WT, Novak, S, Putman, CT, Town, SC and Vinsky, MDA The biological basis for prenatal programming of postnatal performance Journal of Animal Science(E-Supplement)


Miller, Foxcroft, and Aherne Increasing feed intake in late gestation does not affect plasma progesterone concentration in the sow Theriogenology


Town, SC, Putman,CT, Turchinsky, J, Dixon,WT and Foxcroft,GR Number of conceptuses in vitro affects porcine fetal muscle development Reproduction


Town, SC, Patterson, JL, Pereira, C, Gourley, G and Foxcroft, GR Embryonic and fetal development in a commercial dam-line genotype Animal Reproduction Science


Willis, HJ, Zak, L and Foxcroft, GR Lactation length effects on sow endocrinology, folliculogenesis and in vitro and in vivo embryo development Journal of Animal Science


Novak, S, Almeida, FCRL, Cosgrove, JR, Dixon, WT and Foxcroft, GR Effect of pre- and post- mating nutritional manipulation on plasma progesterone, blastocyst development and the oviductal environment during early pregnancy in gilts Journal of Animal Science


Clowes, EJ, Aherne, FX, Schaefer, AL, Foxcroft, GR and Baracos, VE Parturition body size and body protein loss during lactation influence performance during lactation and ovarian function at weaning in first parity sows Journal of Animal Science


Clowes, EJ, Aherne, FX, Foxcroft, GR and Baracos, VE Selective protein loss in lactating sows is associated with reduced litter growth and ovarian function Journal of Animal Science


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Patterson, JL, Ball, RO, Willis, HJ, Aherne, FX and Foxcroft, GR The effect of lean growth on puberty attainment in gilts Journal of Animal Science


Patterson, JL, Willis, HJ, Kirkwood, RN and Foxcroft, GR Impact of boar exposure on puberty attainment in gilts Theriogenology


Novak, S, Treacy, BK, Almeida, FRCL., Mao, J, Buhi, W.C, Dixon, WT and Foxcroft, GR Regulation of IGF-I and porcine oviductal secretory protein (pOSP) secretion into the pig oviduct in the peri-ovulatory period, and effects of previous nutrition Reproduction, Nutrition and Development


Patterson, JL, Willis, HJ, Kirkwood, RN and Foxcroft, GR Lack of an effect of prostaglandin injection at estrus onset on the time of ovulation and on reproductive performance in weaned sows Theriogenology


Mao, J, Treacy, BK, Almeida, FRCL, Novak, S, Dixon, WT and Foxcroft, GR Feed restriction and insulin treatment affect subsequent luteal function in the immediate post-ovulatory period in pigs: progesterone production in vitro and mRNA expression for key steroidogenic enzymes Biology of Reproduction


Almeida, FRCL, Mao, J, Novak, S, Cosgrove, JR and Foxcroft, GR Effects of patterns of feed restriction and insulin treatment during the luteal phase on reproductive, metabolic and endocrine parameters in cyclic gilts Journal of Animal Science


Zhu, J, Xu, X, Cosgrove, JR and Foxcroft, GR Effects of seminal plasma from different fractions of individual ejaculates on ivf in pigs Theriogenology


Yang, H, Foxcroft, GR, Pettigrew, JE, Johnston, LJ, Shurson, GC, Costa, AN and Zak, LJ Impact of dietary lysine intake during lactation on follicular development and oocyte maturation in primiparous sows Journal of Animal Science


Miller, HM, Foxcroft, GR and Aherne, FX Increasing food intake in late gestation improved sow condition throughout lactation but did not affect piglet viability or growth rate Animal Science


Foxcroft, GR, Dixon, WT, Treacey, BK, Jiang, L, Novak, S, Mao, J and Almeida, FRCL Insights into conceptus-reproductive tract interactions in the pig Journal of Animal Science


Almeida, FRCL, Kirkwood, RN, Aherne, FX and Foxcroft, GR Consequences of different patterns of feed intake during the estrous cycle in gilts on subsequent fertility Journal of Animal Science


Almeida, FRCL, Novak, S and Foxcroft, GR Moment of ovulation in relation to estrus duration in gilts Theriogenology