Nutrition and Metabolism Program

Primary area of research is amino acid metabolism in swine and humans. Emphasis is on neonatal development, growing swine and adult humans. In vivo infusion of isotopically labelled amino acids is used to study oxidation, utilization, inter organ metabolism and metabolic interconversions including protein synthesis, deposition and breakdown. The goal of the neonatal research program is to develop optimal amino acid patterns for neonates during normal feeding, early weaning, the post natal period, total parenteral nutrition and recovery from disease. A unique surgically prepared piglet model for enteral and parenteral nutrition has been developed. The goal of the research program in growing swine is to improve productive efficiency, performance and meat quality. Research is being conducted in amino acid utilization, nutrition and gastro intestinal diseases and alternative feedstuffs. The program in adult and neonatal amino acid nutrition is conducted in collaboration with Dr. Paul Pencharz, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto and Hospital for Sick Children.